Training & Behaviour

How Calm and Content Dogs help you?

At Calm and Content Dogs I want to help you achieve your goal, ultimately owning a well behaved family pet who plays a positive role in your home.

I use training techniques which gives your dog a focus, making them feel they have a job to do so they play a constructive part in family life.

My clients and their pets are of the utmost importance, and each service I deliver is committed to meeting these needs whether it is part of an individual training session or in a group.

Individual Training and Behaviour

We deal with many training needs and behavioural modifications including general/puppy training, separation, aggression, anxieties and phobias.

Each case is assessed on an individual basis and the length and number of sessions will be suited to meet the needs of the dog and owner.

For more details please contact us.

Dog Training Classes

At Calm and Content Dogs we want to help you train your dogs in a realistic setting.

Forget the Village Hall and join our 'Social Training Walks' where you learn to train your dog in its natural surroundings. Keep your dog focussed with lots of stimulation and fun whilst walking with friends.

Clicker training courses are also available please register your interest with the trainer nearest to you.

For more details or to arrange a date, time and location please contact the trainer nearest to you.