About Me

Naomi Bickersteth

East Sussex

I completed a BSc (Hons) in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training in 2004 and have since gained experience working with both police and customs dogs completing my Metropolitan Police Search Dog Certificate and achieved a Head of Region commendation whilst dog handling in Customs.

This enhanced my handling skills and allowed me to put the theoretical knowledge from my degree together with essential practical skills. This combines my skills of science based theory and hands on training giving clients the best package.

In my own time I trained my own dogs in Search and Rescue completing a Level 2 Search Dog Certificate.

I spent 10 years lecturing in Animal Behaviour and Management and am a qualified teacher.

I am now using my extensive previous knowledge of the dog’s nose to teach scentwork. I am a Scentwork UK trainer to level 8, judge, trial manager and competitor. I teach Scentwork for fun and for competition.

I have experience in teaching both group and one to one sessions making training fun for both you and your dog.