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Calm and content Dogs has been set up to meet all of your dog training or behavioural modification needs.

My aim is for you to have a dog at home who is happy and fits in with family life giving you years of fun – at Calm and Content dogs I am able to assist you in achieving this.

About Me

Calm and Content Dogs is situated in East Sussex.

I am an experienced canine behaviourist qualified to degree level (BSc Hons Applied Animal Behaviour and Training). I also have vast experience in behaviour and training which has been complemented by various jobs roles within Humberside Police dog unit, HMRC dog unit and Lowland search and rescue dog unit.

I am a qualified teacher holding a Diploma in the LifeLong sector.

I hold various classes including general obedience, obstacle and scentwork. Within ScentWork UK I am a trainer to Level 8, judge, trial manager and competitor.

How Can I Help?

At Calm and Content Dogs I believe that every dog needs a job in life, however small. If you don't decide what that job should be your dog might choose to go self-employed leaving you no choice!

Your dog might become an expert in chewing furniture or terrorising other dogs, so take control now and give your dog a role to play in the home, so they listen to you and really play a positive part in the family.


Naomi Bickersteth MAPDT 01119

Whats On...

Group training
1-2-1 sessions
Behavioural consultations
Social walking training
Obstacle for fun
Scentwork UK Level’s 1-8
Detection Dog Trials Novice and Intermediate
For more details please see my Training and Behaviour page or Contact Me